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April 2007


I think it was very enlightening. It showed you how to use small, quick techniques to get away from an attacker. I think that's great.


April 2007

“It was fantastic!”

One of the best parts of it was the Surprise Factor because that really gets your mindset, I guess the right way to actually execute the moves we learned.

Marycris F.

April 2007


I liked it a lot. It taught me a lot of confidence. I can walk out on the street with confidence. I know what to do when someone attacks me. This course helped me with hands on instruction.

Helen K.

April 2007

Hands On!

I enjoyed it because it was hands on. It was realistic that way. I really enjoyed it!

Judy O.

April 2007

Perfect Course!

I really like the course because I was very nervous at the beginning. I thought it was going to be very strenuous and aerobic, and it was nothing like that. I think it would be great for any age group.

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April 2007

The "Men"

I really liked all the information. Some statistics that were informative. I liked working with the men. It is a whole different experience working with a man grabbing you than when partnered with a woman.

Cindy K.

Sep. 12th

Friendly and Knowledgable

Everybody was very friendly and very knowledgeable. I didn't expect it to be like this, actually. I can walk away now feeling more confident.

Paula D.

Sep. 23rd

MINDY'S TESTIMONY (via Facebook)

I took Rape Prevention when I was 12. I think they call it Ladies Self Defense now. I retained information from this course that I believe has saved me in several instances. I have been mugged, and was able to take care of myself!

Mindy W.

Sep. 24th

Testimony en Espanol

One of our "Columbian" students.

Mama Ibanez

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